It's election season.
You have some decisions to make.

Creative professionals play an integral role in the democratic process. Every political movement, large or small, depends on designers, writers, and social strategists to capture the imagination of voters. The decisions those voters make will affect the way you apply your craft for years to come.

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The Experience of Voting is Broken, but We Can Fix It

When most people think of poor ballot design, they think of Florida, the 2000 election, and Gore vs. Bush.

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  • The Election Disaster That Wasn’t

    America’s poorly designed ballots could have bungled the 2012 election. How we can fix them in 2016.

  • Better Design, Better Elections

    Design defects in ballots, voter instructions, and voting machines contributed to the loss of several hundred thousand votes in the most recent national elections.

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How to Vote in...

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The collective effort of PACs around the country promises to have a huge impact on this year’s election. Find voter registration information, deadlines, and requirements in these key states.